05 March 2010


elegant in black and blonde / silver wire / circles her neck #haiku #haiga


  1. I have never read such a beautiful prose for beer, wow from all beer lovers' out there (count me out) right on ;)

  2. Beer? Um...

    I'm teetotal.

    Or do u mean http://melbs.nfshost.com/projects/fridge/ ?

    I thought it was about a blonde haired woman in a black dress with a rigid silver wire necklace.

  3. really? first time I heard about the 'blonde' beer I was astounded, you've got to admit works both ways lol

  4. As in Carlton Blonde - seen the adds, yep, got it now.

    So, what your suggesting is that she's drinking Blonde or is being seen as elegant through Blondle beer goggles? Neither was the case at the librarians conference when I was there and wrote this - I never stay for drinks.

    The writer/artist can never be aware of all the references and interpretations the reader/viewer brings. That's part of the fun of it.

  5. Nope, there's no she drinking the beer, it's just all about the beer


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