30 June 2012

30612+ Frankston #poetry bombing @peninsulapoets full gallery

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words by
Andrea Louise Thomas
Brigitte Lewis
Lore Singer
Tony Lambides-Turner
Arjady Marinez
comrade harps

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where her fingers have been
i follow
the nape of her legs

29 June 2012

25 June 2012

24 June 2012

24612+ #nyr12 @peninsulapoets #Frankston #poetrybombing

good weather for a poetry bombing

Let the bombing begin

Andrea Louise Thomas @ Frankston Library
poet Jan has a read - but wait, there's more...

Brigette Lewis and Tony see to that @ Frankston Library

a graying comrade with large print brevity

Most of the poetry bombers @ BRAAP lane
Andrea gets pixelated by Brigitte

our poet Laurie-ette gets some NYR12 action in BRAAP lane

Gallery Lane was pasted with poetry bombs
The writing's on the doors

poet Robert considers words and space

Ross Smith Lane: bombing a progress

Ross Smith Lane got 'creep zined


she sits alone on a long couch
the chairs
animated with talk

22 June 2012

20 June 2012


after the chemist
a packet of happiness
headlights take minutes to pass

19 June 2012


city freeway
taillights through curves
swim between lanes

17 June 2012

16 June 2012

15 June 2012


white breath
on still breeze
i slice mud from football boots

14 June 2012


it rains
meloncholic piano and violin
over a blue-lit pool

08 June 2012


our train driver
naked and suspended she jerks with pleasure
our fares paid by installment

07 June 2012


the weight of the years
the next big pie
we propose a towel

06 June 2012


natural fibres
the last brush of heat
below her mother's height

04 June 2012


runs nowhere to succeed and escape
the diminishing threat of vowels
she eyes her black PRSHE

03 June 2012


day concedes
the night fails to speak
we are as one alone

01 June 2012


the chill beyond lace
an approximation of love
I am here again