04 March 2010


sits in humid rain / cries words / into her palm #haik #haiga


  1. Thankyou Shadow Arcade.

    It's just what I saw, matched with some rain photographed when I got home. Sometimes keeping it simple works the best.

  2. Could be she was confirming an invitation and cried because that humidity changed her sleek hair into wild curls, so she declinced
    That's my intellect

    My intuition,cries for that freedom, love this, som much

  3. I couldn't understand the words as I walked past, but could see that there was a mobile phone involved.

  4. yes that palm pilot...very today, and still could be in the old fashion way, I really enjoy what you do, I call it a celebration of thought, ingenuity, artistic, mysterious references, to something I can't always grasp but always, always look forward to lol

  5. I try to be all that and to have something fresh for my public to look forward to, to enjoy, get, puzzle over and be suprised about each day. It's a mutual adventure.


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