30 November 2011


cougar kisses him on the forehead -
as my mum would say,
mutton dressed as lamb

29 November 2011

27 November 2011


in the Japanese restaurant
with the wall-long mirror
she reads geometry with chop sticks

26 November 2011


a season creep zine

now at the Sticky Institute
unless all taken
for free

or free for you to read online
or print

Seasons a Season Creep Zine 3

25 November 2011


a crash through an open door
he yells and she cries
please don't, go...

22 November 2011


lightning and the thunder of rain -
her streaky blonde
clings wet

20 November 2011

19 November 2011


she holds his left hand
against the white flowers
of her blue skirt

15 November 2011

08 November 2011


Does the Queen intend to kill you?

a banner headline
50,000 copies
of an explosive
chapter-and-verse indictment
of the British Royal Family’s half-century long creation
and personal direction of the world’s present “green” movement
as their chosen vehicle for global genocide
utilising archival
and other primary sources
with a shocking series of maps based upon official data
the paper also features selected speeches from the Conference
 “Cosmic Radiation Beats Green Fascism”
which devastated such intellectual frauds
as the “Second Law of Thermodynamics”
blowing to smithereens the Malthusian
Green Fascist axiom of
“fixed, finite resources”
and that of Charles Darwin
whose work was riddled with plagiarism
and outright lunacy
the stated purpose of this “environmentalist” movement
rammed through under the personal direction of
Queen Elizabeth
and her consort
Prince Philip
which spawned the present Australian Greens
under Bob Brown
Tim Flannery’s Wentworth Group of Quack Scientists
the fraud of
“anthropogenic global warming”
Gillard’s Fabian terror methods
her fascist knickers
the carbon tax
and every green diktat now crushing this country
is to slash the world’s population to less than one billion people
by the outright banning of science and technology
particularly nuclear energy
by turning vast portions of the globe back into wilderness and desert
and "wetlands" and “indigenous land rights”
or similar hocus-pocus
with the expressed intent to kill 13-16 million Australians 

ever wonder why the Greens lead the charge for euthanasia
because that’s why the Crown created them
to kill people
including your friends
your family
and you

are you such a pathetic
whingeing loser
that you will let them do it?!

are on the threshold
of colonising
the Cosmos

07 November 2011


two men by the front window
pass comment on a car
successfully reverse parking

05 November 2011

03 November 2011

@MTR1377AM @TodayTonight 31111


and that’s right
these resorts that they put the boat people in
it’s wrong when real Aussies
hardworking pensioners
not the dole bludgers
can’t afford to buy a digital wide-screen TV
apparently we need the government
tax payers money
our money
to buy set-top boxes for pensioners
this government is just so wasteful
and now they want to tax us even further
with a carbon tax
it’s as natural as oxygen, arsenic and uranium
it’s part of the natural order
and you can't see it
or taste it
you know these so-called carbon offset programs
involve planting trees
trees make oxygen
trees are made from carbon
no carbon, no trees, no oxygen to breath and burn
if there’s anything to this climate change thing
if carbon’s really involved
the tree-huggers should be thinking about all the extra trees
maybe they are
but they’re trying to blame it on us
without a shred of evidence
that the planet is even warming
because for the last decade it’s got cooler
and this government
all they can do is bend over backwards
to help queue jumpers and these undemocratic scientists
who seem to hold so much sway in Canberra
who voted for them
pushing this climate change lie
it’s all a watermelon conspiracy
you know
green on the outside
red in the middle
I recently heard a scientist say that they had nothing to gain
from pushing the climate change thing
that’s there’s no money in it
but’s that how they get their grants
tax payer money again
because these geeky science students
are poor
which really breaks my heart
and really highlights they’re agenda
the real reason for the climate change conspiracy
it’s all about lefty jealousy
it's student politics gone mad
and income for these professional students
who don’t like people like us
who can afford to put more carbon into the atmosphere than them
people like you and me
hardworking Australians
who turn our work ethic into a good life
a home, cars, air conditioners and wide-screen TVs
so you see it’s all a left-wing jealousy
that’s behind this climate change lie
and they try to confuse us by saying that science isn’t about common sense
that’s true

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01 November 2011