30 March 2011


never miss a book signing event

word count
on a chart
my own procrastination
of what sentence




to see the experiment continues -


and the stable earth

words mashed from: http://www.kerrynangell.com/

29 March 2011


geographical independence is necessary

a matter of locational and logistical diversity
our historical status
the serendipity of a normal year
its own eccentric self a
potential satellite

meetings in future will occur on a needs basis


If we can obtain the equipment

a bag of rice
the primary postures
focus mitts and one kick shield
six wide-eyed adults
the foot of a ladder
a nine-sentence saga
the pure falsetto
of an impassioned community

the first player to reach the final space wins the game

the Tanzanian postal service is a nightmare

words mashed from http://www.inkandbeans.com

27 March 2011


the home front

this is an action
for some while past

his busy calendar
the collected works
of the tinker bell times

hit and run
by a gang of smiling youths
february 26, 1916

history is dismissed
or often forgotten

long may this remain

26 March 2011


a cat walks gingerly
over the wet leaves
of summer's decay

= #haiku

20 March 2011


dawn drizzle,
the breakfast chemistry set -
an amber moon

- #haiku

12 March 2011

The daily season creep: 26608 - 11311

11311 was the last post in the first series of the daily season creep.

I am blogged out. Haiku, haiga and pictures, I've shared a lot.

Some of you, especially Lorraine, have commented, leaving supportive notes, sharing your likes and dislikes. I thank you for following and for commenting.

Sometimes it's been a struggle to find something to publish. I can look back and see the quality err. I can see the sudden shifts, too, when a new idea has saved me from silence. At the moment, though, the cupboard is empty. I do not want to force myself, to publish the lame, to repeat myself, nor to reach back to really old stuff, because that's not where I am at the moment.

It's been a fun ride. I hope you have enjoyed it, too.

I will be back when I feel fresh and have useful something to add. I might also do some consolidation, making more postcards and what-nots from my image stock.

Please feel free to leave any eulogies for the daily season creep in the comments below.

comrade harps

11 March 2011

04 March 2011