30 June 2015


hips slide /
into music /
feet follow /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

29 June 2015


memories /
of a tale /
with a different beat /
- #haikuq #senryu #micropoetry

28 June 2015


a blue pen discovers /
the spaces between /
a waitresses' lips /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

27 June 2015


a transition /
the players trend /
our favorite seats /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

26 June 2015


the talk /
a lure for /
sleep /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

25 June 2015


after rain /
this tree /
continues /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

24 June 2015


(for Tash)

a memory of themselves
reproduced in a dream
woven to a melody
and stapled
to a flowered-up collage
the presence
of her bass-slapped mass
bountiful and
built for spanish
and curvaceous to the lick
stenciled against stretched threads
whose soft shapes are shared
to the riff of a robust swing
seamless in the milky stream
of a mutated fusion mix
and found in the moment
and scribbled in a zine
and epressed to the wide sky's
open interpretation

23 June 2015


a memory of itself /
echoed in a dream /
woven through the melody of a pop song /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

22 June 2015


tech beat joy /
the sky /
observed /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

21 June 2015


bare feet on grass /
the solstice /
sunny /
- #haiku #senru #micropoetry

20 June 2015


distant trains /
our culture /
of sleep /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

19 June 2015


single degrees Celsius /
warm /
with songs /
#haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

18 June 2015


each decision measured /
checked /
against panic /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

17 June 2015


clouds and mountains /
the horizon /
uncertain /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

16 June 2015


wake to /
wet morning gloom /
excited /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

15 June 2015


winter dull /
a doormat /
moved along /
- #haiku #micropoetry #6words

14 June 2015


occupied by virtue /
our trust /
denied /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

13 June 2015


days beyond /
my six word /
discipline /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

12 June 2015


cold still overcast /
a railway signalman /
waits for work /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

11 June 2015


weekday freeway /
yesterday ahead /
tomorrow behind /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

10 June 2015


low cloud /
sunny breaks /
i walk /
#haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

09 June 2015


hill view /
into night rain /
headlights /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

08 June 2015


our smooth peace /
the wind /
outside /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

07 June 2015


she turns /
and I /
look away /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

06 June 2015


lunchtime sun's warm embrace /
clouds /
approach /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

05 June 2015


a day without pills /
i feel /
natural emotions /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

04 June 2015


look up /
to the thrill /
of rain /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

03 June 2015


gray cold /
the beauty /
of warmth /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words

02 June 2015

2615 #Morrissey #VividLive 30 May 2015 for the #BlueRoseSociety

With a blue rose and a nosebleed
Let the music speak

' Dolls and Ramones
i Shazam-up Apossibly
Can you please explain the reasons
Why you are so afraid of consequence when we first said hello?

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
la la la la

Lou "sometimes" Reed
with his Eminem haircut
playing with the Australia media
"Oh yeah, I want them to take drugs ...
Because it's better than Monopoly"

la la la la

Ginsberg and Cassady
and Sexton wanting to die
the taboo
open to public misunderstanding

icons, a villain to the kind people and heroes
Aznavor and revolutionaries
mentors from afar
and finally
the overwrought diva in drag

this is not the pre-show
the show began with the first video

but when the curtains open
and drums burst the expectation
the Queen gives us poor fools two fingers
because world peace is none of our business
and the didgeridoo means more here
on land taken from uncounted subjects
by the headless pack
whose batons mean to say
get back to Redfern
and have me horrified and thrilled
to the hairs on the back of my neck
because tonight is a manifesto
if you can see it in your heart
as roles are diversed
and this is Boz's best drumming since Interlude

the people, once again, teach the politicians
but he knows so much more
than he's willing to say
when you fail as a woman
and you lose as a man
and the mobiles come out to record
and people stand up to dance
because they've actually heard this one before

I do believe it's terrible
to take me to the place I've been dreaming of
feet stomping
singing his words
when I'm the only one in the back row who knows the tune
and it breaks my heart
to be almost clinging to the outside of the sails
but I should only care that the two of us are here
because in the absence of your love
let me lean into a box of pine
cos no one ever turns to me to say
I will slit their throats for you

and again the cameras
and the dancing
as now we all sing an anthem of our lost youth
how I dearly wish I was not here
in this harbour-side town
where they still think this is a smiths song
where my blue rose waves above the back row
but the trumpet calls
and they all sit again
so cut me from the crowd
hoist me from the herd
it's not "comforting", "cheery" or kind
as our peoples' laureate kneels before the alter
of the screaming knife
and his sermon delivered
and for some received
our hearts
as always
are raised to wait

you have never been in love
until the shirt toss
and sung happy birthday

01 June 2015


i want /
despite /
our safe distance /
- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #6words