07 January 2010



  1. This is like marks of bullet shots!

    oooh! admire your sense of observation and presentation, comrade :)


  2. What your doing is so inspiring. A photo blog of trees. I Love Trees. They evoke many different emotions inside of me & they're so mysterious. All of these photos are beautiful. Thanku for sharing.

  3. tiny little fairy footprint, so beautiful..

  4. I kind of see a lunar landscape here.

    But yes, the idea here is to be evocative and inspiring. Trees have character and what we see in them is a personal interpretation. By taking close ups we get to see detail that we might normally miss and see it out of context, thereby allowing us the space to full add our own contextual meaning. I have some more close ups later in the month that I hope will also inspire.

    For me, my tree pics are a celecbration of the aboreal and are like wordless haiku.

    Thanks C, D & L. It makes me feel warm inside to be inspiring a diversity of folk around the world.


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