01 September 2016


bright blue /
Jane predicts /
a storm /

- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #3lines #6words


  1. One last question before I disappear into the ether-What is your motivation for posting your poetry for all to read?

    1. An examination and sharing of personal experience can be of value to others.

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  2. I don't believe this for a minute!

  3. Also:

    The potential for validation.

    The completion of work through publication.

    The discipline of daily publication.

    The potential to mess with the minds of strangers.

    To serve as an online diary of expression.


    What is your motivation to question mine? Publicly?

  4. connection dropped out this morning -so I'll try again..

    All of the above are valid, except for messing with minds, which is morally reprehensible.I was onto you right from the start even though I gave you the benefit of the doubt.What clinched it for me, was your reaction to the poignant complaint by your partner about inappropriate sharing.I'm on her side! and your picture and poem about your friend Tash.Jesus...

    This is what I think. Your motivation includes- therapy, rage,embarrassing and humiliating your partner,a cry for men to have sex whenever they feel like it-(after all she is my wife!),good old fashioned misogyny and sexism,narcissism,and a finger to political correctness and decency.
    Anyway I've lost interest.


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