25 August 2016


between dreams /
analyze /
how I wake /

- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #3lines #6words


  1. this doesn't relate to this poem-

    It just occurred to me that maybe what you need is to get your fingers inky and actually print letterpress and images.Get away from the purely digital for a while.
    I thought this as I prepare to travel to Canberra to see an exhibition by my old bookbinding and letterpress teacher at Art School-Caren Florance/aka Ampersand Duck.Her show is called "Material Poetics" and is an exploration of "how poetry can inhabit the heart of visual practice, and how visual and material energies can animate poetic practice."
    I've been tossing up ideas myself to present my own haikus in an artists book form with some kind of illustrations by me and possibly letterpress printed, if I can get my hands on a press.It is so much fun doing the making and ideas flow from that.
    Hope I'm not annoying you...

    1. Not annoying at all. It's interesting to know that l'm part of an artistic milieu.

      Also, you you have disclosed more about yourself, my mystery interlocutor. Keep engaging, please.

      I would like to know about what you called the narrative arc of season creep. What's the story playing out?

  2. It's difficult to speak about your narrative-as it is deeply personal to you and others close to you. Also this is a public forum-I would talk to you in a private space perhaps.
    Certainly I was hooked into your story. Who can't resonate with stories of the heart?

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  4. I'll think about it over the weekend as I immerse myself in Art.
    take care-

  5. Hey comrade-it's your narrative and your life. What can I say except that my heart goes out to you, and may you be happy and experience equanimity.
    Thanks for email address-but I'm kind of enjoying my anonymity!It gives me a certain freedom.
    Material Poetics show stimulated some new ideas for future projects. One poem that was printed onto an orbital round piece of sandpaper stood out, as it affected your feeling state in a strong way.
    I've been thinking about fonts and am leaning towards the hand written-(I liked the series you did in this way).Perhaps written through carbon paper or a monoprinted form. It gives an immediacy to the text.

  6. Well it sounds like my tiny 3-line word arrangements have been effective in expressing my experience, but remember that the reader brings their own experiences to the process of creating meaning. Thank you for your kind words.

    The hand written series was fun to do but took time. Sometimes I need to simplify things and leave just the words, naked.

    May our anonymous conversations continue.

  7. I'm not familiar with the Melbourne art scene- so after a quick search I came across Firestation Print Studio in Armadale, which has community access. They seem to offer great courses and have an artists book group happening.The nice thing about printmaking is that even the most simple work can look impressive.It may not be your thing-but consider it.It could open up a whole new mode of expression and network of likemindeds.
    I trained in printmaking and I was drawn mostly to the low tech, straightfoward techniques like lino/woodblockprinting and monoprinting.I don't have a press but I can print by hand.It lends itself to the bookarts and it is possible to combine techniques by layering.

    1. As an anxiety-ridden working class native of the outer suburbs, I am also unfamiliar with Melbourne's art scene.

      As for print making, I think that it would take too much time from a passionate endeavour that I've never mentioned on this blog. Do an image search for "comrade harps" and you'll get some unexpected picture.

  8. model making? -definitely unexpected....But also way too much social media.

    1. Model making? Yep!

      I used to work as a social media librarian, so I've dabbled.

  9. by the way you look a lot cuter without the beard -

    1. I'm too lazy and busy to shave. But I was already planning on going to a barber today for a no.1 and a shave. So, cuteness shall return, as it does occasionally.

      I just have to accept that just like I cannot engage with your art, I also accept that although you can comment on my appearance, I cannot return the compliments.

  10. It seems ungenerous not to share a haiku(well haiku in spirit anyway). Written in the summertime Alps.

    clattering crows
    gather in the dusk
    cumulus billowing dark


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