12 August 2016


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- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #3lines #6words #vss


  1. Can you tell me anything more about this one? and also your method for writing?

  2. Sorry-you may not want to give up your secrets.
    But I'm interested in others process in writing haiku. Do you start with an aha moment/ or a word/ or an image/a feeling? or does it fall, fully formed onto your page?Why do you stick with 6 words?-a discipline?
    I'm also interested in more background on the above poem,(just curious...)

  3. I was feeling the need to retreat from the world of news and nutters and opinions.

    Art is a way to transcend ourselves. It can be cathartic, releasing the anger and pain, the squalor of the mind, as well as a means of expressing the love and beauty, the hope for bettering ourselves and each other. These things are at the heart of art's mystery.

    Art can be a way to go beyond physical and mental ourselves. It's one of my recurring themes.

    As for the writing process, there are lots of entry points. Having a daily blog gives me the motivation to work on and complete the little phrases that pop into my head. The mis-heard, the overheard, the mis-read and the mis-articulated. The spontaneous phrasing; sometimes a complete piece pops up, sometimes just two or three words, or I'm responding to an experience. It can be seconds, minutes, hours or days fiddling with a phrase or a theme, spent in idle moments walking, at work, at home, driving, reading, in bed, listening to music, watching a movie, talking with people, whenever.

    As for the 6 words, yes, it is a discipline, but it becomes a habit, too. I like it. It's concise yet open, it can be fully carried in my head and matches the less is more brief of the art of micropoetry.

    Thank you for asking.

    Do you write anything other than anonymous comments on blogs yourself?

    1. I feel a bit strange being anonymous-but I guess it is a protective mechanism.
      I've started to write haiku(or perhaps I should say micropoetry) recently and have developed a passion for it.I like finding just the right word and love its condensed nature.
      Actually I'm a visual artist so I'm interested to read your thoughts on Art.We labour away producing art for exhibitions which most of the time isn't commented on by anyone.
      I'm also fascinated by the creative process and find writing poetry isn't really all that different from conceptualising an idea for an artwork.It is like the 3rd line in haiku which creates a lateral shift or shock.
      Thanks for sharing so openly.

    2. Any time.

      I rarely receive comments also.

      That thing you referenced there, about micropoetry being condense, is part of the attraction for me. I tend to be a minimalist and a reductionist. Micropoetry omits, redacts, erases,edits and reduces, but, ironically in doing so, enables the reader to fill in the spaces with their own meanings, references, interpretations, connotations, feelings and experiences. Less is more.

      Something that I noticed when I began publishing micropoetry was that people commented with the oddest interpretations. At first it annoyed me and I tried to be even more succinct, but found that the meanings were still at large. I eventually accepted this and started playing with it, making my word selection and phraseology deliberately vague and open. I bring the words, but each reader brings the rest.

      I suspect something similar happens with my digital collages and your own visual art.

      I you have an online presence to share, please do. I'd like to see your art, both visual and poetic.

      All the best.


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