26 July 2016

26716 #digitalcollage


  1. thought breasts would make an appearance again!

    1. You do seem to have a pre-occupation with breasts.

      Any comments to make on the numerous bare male chests in my collages?

    2. Just in case the feminist revolution has completely passed you by- The Male Gaze is problematic for women.It's always instructive to put yourself in another's shoes to appreciate their situation.Imagine how it would be for you if everytime you walked in the street men and women stared at your crotch and made suggestive comments. I'm sure you'd find this a dehumanising experience.How would it feel when you were 13 years old and then throughout your life?

  2. As I thought, this is more about you than me and my work. I apologise that some of my art upsets you, as you clearly are a victim of sexust behavior. I recommended avoidance.

    Yet you are still failing to see my art in its totality. In my collages I am objectifying male bodies as well as female ones, yet I am prudent not to reveal bare female chests like I do male chests. You still fail to observe that. My work is essentially huma-erotic. Ineed, some have seen my work and assumed that I am a gay male. Some have read some of my micropoetry and suggested that I am a lesbian.

    The alternative for me is to not write or collage with human subjects or to be inanenly dull and observe nothing about human genders. But I do find myself attracted to the human genders and can't deny that about myself. It's interesting.

  3. All women experience sexism.
    Showing male chests isn't equivalent to showing female breasts-surely you can see that.Yes I do understand that you are objectifying all bodies. However the men look ridiculous, and the women look "sexy" in an old fashioned way.
    It is just the Big Divide between male and female sexuality and neither sex can comprehend the other.
    Of course I encourage your exploration of your own ideas about this.
    Best wishes to you too comrade.

    1. Of course it isn't equivalent. That's why I don't show naked female chests on my collages. I prefer to explore the less well tread artistic exposure of the male chest, which has less cultural baggage. However, it can have intersting interpretations; some people have read it as homoeroticism, which is interesting to play with.

      The difference between ridiculous men and sexy women is interesting. Maybe all men look ridiculous. They tend to be beefcake photos, in contrast to female cheesecake photos. I like to explore the differences and commonalities in the images and how people read them.

      That my collages have you and me thinking and commenting on these issues is a success.

      Thank you for your challenges.


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