10 July 2016


like her /
only younger /
and here /

- #haiku #senryu #micropoetry #3lines #6words #vss


  1. C'mon really! .....waiting for comments about breasts!

    1. That was http://seasoncreep.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/3716.html

  2. I assumed that related to a trannie -well hung refers to men. But fair enough! 10716 has a misogynist feeling about it, which would irritate most women I know.I don't perceive it as ironic.

  3. You assume wrong (as far as I know). Irony. Word play. Why can't a woman be "well hung"? Part of my writing is synthesia and word play.

    As for misogyny in 10716, it is merely about thinking I recognised a woman in a crowd, but it actually being a younger woman who had similar facial features.

    The intriguing thing about publishing micropetry is that it gives people plenty of room to read personal interpretations in to just 6 words. I'm always suprised by what people read into my stuff.

    Your interpretations are correct for you, even if the author cannot recognise them in the inspiration, drafting or finished product.

    Please, go on interpreting. What the reader individually brings to a formalisation of meaning is of equal value to the intentions and inspirations of the writer; it can tell us a lot about ourselves.


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