23 June 2016

23616: Eulogy for a Camry

It is with great sadness that today we are saying goodbye to our dear beloved Camy. After being part of the family for 12 years and 504,000 odd kilometers, today she lost her plates and will soon begin her journey to Manheim Auctions to be sold for what is likely to be scrap value, which will be donated to Kids Under Cover. It's how she would have wanted to go; recycled and socially aware.

On behalf of the comrade's family and all who rode in Camy, I thank all who built, serviced and occasionally repaired her. She gave us unfailing service, mobility across several states and many trips to Southland. Camy's contributions to our lives will be fondly remembered.

If Camy could hear us now we would tell her that she owed us nothing and we would apologize for all the little scrapes that we accidentally inflicted on her blue beauty. I like to think that she wore her dings with pride.

Thank you Camy. We miss you already.

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