06 August 2015

6815 test range #poetry

test range
when we placed 3rd
with a concise variation
of the tears of a Saturn V launcher
delivered without the heraldry or heritage
of the deleted scenes
from the London forklift brawls
that left your heart transcendent
as the rear spoiler
on a front-wheel drive Camry
taking the wind across the Nullarbor
breathless as a Maralinga flashlight
between thighs tight with expectation
we waved welcome to the taste
sipped along the cosmetic red
to a place best known for your delight
and blood orange sorbet and
fuelled with drums designed for this future
we drooled upon the precipice
of agelessness
and wondered what would become of religions
IVF clinics
and asylum prisons
in a species where death
is a remote
lifestyle choice


  1. I like this one - "breathless as a Maralinga flashlight." Nice.

    1. I was hoping someone would get that line.

      Thank you.


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