22 June 2014

In-library appearance

It is rumored that some infidel calling himself comrade harps will be at the State Library of Victoria's Tonerpalooza zine festival today with Langwarrin's own Natasha Nicholls representing the zine makers of Frankston City and that he will be there with a creepy new seasonal zine with content said wanna-be revolutionary librarian claims to have been inspired by poetry.

I understand that his work has been described by a passing psychologist he occasionally converses with on the Frankston-Baxter rail trail as "voyeuristic". He apparently accepts that label, but has traditionally preferred the less emotionally charged and less diagnostic term "observational" for what he passes off as poetry.

There will probably be many other poorly written DIY publications competing for the attention of the zineonista at the State Library of Victoria's Tonerpalooza zine festival, some of which will also claim to be poetic in nature.

If you cannot make it to Toberpalooza, then we have exclusively obtained a clandestine copy of the previously related new zine of expansive brevity for you to gasp at in slack jawed awe.

The Management

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