24 June 2012

24612+ #nyr12 @peninsulapoets #Frankston #poetrybombing

good weather for a poetry bombing

Let the bombing begin

Andrea Louise Thomas @ Frankston Library
poet Jan has a read - but wait, there's more...

Brigette Lewis and Tony see to that @ Frankston Library

a graying comrade with large print brevity

Most of the poetry bombers @ BRAAP lane
Andrea gets pixelated by Brigitte

our poet Laurie-ette gets some NYR12 action in BRAAP lane

Gallery Lane was pasted with poetry bombs
The writing's on the doors

poet Robert considers words and space

Ross Smith Lane: bombing a progress

Ross Smith Lane got 'creep zined

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  1. Fantastic! I've been too sick to be out and about, but hopefully they're still up next time I'm roaming.


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