06 January 2011


air bells anyone?


  1. wow the arrangements - muscial that is unbelievable, nothing scary about this 2nd version, don't know where you get your musical sensations, but wow

  2. Oh Jeeze...it's beautiful, but all I see is the Exorcist. Yes, even after all this time. I'm still haunted.

    Lorraine left me a comment on Musically Promiscuous sending me here. Glad she did!

  3. "2nd version" - this is TB3!

    There's also TB2, 2003 and the remastered and the 2010 remix, all by Mr Oldfiled. I think he holds the record for being the most self-covered musician. Then there's all the live takes, the awdul Orchestral TB version (which Mike refused to take part in) and numerous sound-alike compositions plus all the times TB has been covered and sampled by others! It's a whole industry in one song.


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