10 January 2011



  1. Wow she is talented, from a complete psychotic breakdown to a positive glowing performance...wow if I hadn't been staring at her for 10 minutes in you previous macabre video, I wouldnt have recognized her Comrade, well done!

  2. This chick has beautiful eyes. Love the camera angle on the camera. It's a very unflattering angle on most people, so there's something forceful about chosing it.

  3. She's Kirsty Hawkshaw, and she's a singer/muscian/producer/songwriter (ie, talented) in the techno/house/dance and ambient genres. Yes, she's the woman in Orbital's Halyon+On+On clip, as that song samples her vocals from It's A Fine Day - and they are both pretty damn good tracks. Funny that I didn't recognise her until after I'd read that she was in the Orbital promo.


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