23 November 2010


each step / sparkling water rises / between her legs #haiku #micropoetry


  1. I get the first two lines, but I can't place the third...why would she carry her bottles between her legs..unless she's on a bike and the bag is in the only place that makes sense...then again I'm thinking mineral water, while it could she be rain water, and she gets wet riding her bike - no she'd have to be walking...'each step' so she's walking, it's raining she's getting wet....now where's the bike? then again it's probaly not your wife...just this woman that's walking in the rain...and there you witness my train of thoughts...

  2. Think a sunny day, the water at the beach....

  3. of course, I guess I'm just too much in Christmas mood to get that one...yet so obvious


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