20 September 2010


sits on his lap / she gives him / handcuffs #haiku #micropoetry


  1. Amazing what you can see in the middle of a shopping centre food court.

  2. comrade, I had a whole response planned but it collapsed with your response to Lorraine!

    I'll just go and make my own story :-).

  3. "I'll just go and make my own story " - actaully, that's part of what season creep is about - a daily few words for people to used their imaginations to fill in the gaps.

    Go on, please share your initial response. I'd like to read it.

  4. Yep me too mscrankypants ;)

  5. Ha ha ha, okay, the bare bones is seeing a photo on The Age web site of a woman in Amsterdam's red light district. She's wearing little and looking out the window past gauze curtains, and I made the association with your poem that perhaps the next man to walk through her door sits in a chair by the bed, and he asks if she has handcuffs in her secret box that sits under the bed.

    Like that, but with better punctuation and sentence structure.

  6. ms c, that reminds me of a dream I had last night. Thankyou for sharing.

    One of the things I love with my 'creeps is that they can serve as a launch pad for personal meaning. Humans are great at seeking meaning in a meaningless universe and a few choice words can be enough. People's responses, filtered and generated through their own experiences, so often suprise me.


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