07 July 2010


young couple exit / an adult shop - / she lights a cigarette #haiku


  1. oh man I remember those days...when I use to light up after...I don't smoke anymore :)

  2. There for a sec I thought you were remembering exiting adult shops with blokes...

    Never understood the smokes thing. I've never inhaled from a paper roll of burning leaves, at all, not a puff. Can't see the point. And some capitalist is going to make money from addicting me to something which is 100% unhealthy. No way.

    Interesting, though, that more women in Australia smoke than men. There's a Smiths lyric that goes "I smoke because I'm hoping for an early death / and I need to cling to something" - maybe something in that. Dunno.

  3. to tell the truth I loved smoking...still surprised I quit 16 years ago, see the onlyway to do so is to accept two things: You'll never stop craving and you don't want to voluntarily poison your body...


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