21 July 2010


content deleted at subject's request


  1. strange and a little dangerous

  2. Prehaps privacy is an issue here when my image is attached to such a comment. I never expected my wedding photo to be used to portray me in an unfair, uninformed manner. You may argue that this statement is factual, but is a completely missleading representation of who I am. I am a loving wife and mother who has the right to chose what personal information is shared with the public. I am equaly as dissapointed to find my cleavage on a postcard. family should support and care for eachother not expose and exploit for others amusment.

  3. I never said that you weren't a loving wife and mother. Much of what my art is about is how people cope, change and celebrate both life and death. It revels in irony.

    I am sorry that you have taken offence.

    Now that you have exposed yourself, so to speak, I shall remove the postcard. My apologies.

  4. I of all people can see the irony, dont think it has not amused me at times, but consider how people might feel when this is shared on a public platform. all I'm asking for is a heads up... xx

  5. Vegetarianism is such an unnatural act. I should know.

  6. Lorraine, this is not about strange or dangerous, as the subject is neither.

    This is a piece about the transformative power of love.


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