06 June 2010


in memoriam / we release blue balloons / to Venus #haiku


  1. Precious moment, I don't know who thought of this in the first place, but it must have been a very loving Soul...

    I dig this one muchly :)

  2. There was a point when I realised that it wasn't just the evening star, but our dead twin, the goddess of love, Venus. It made the moment mythic.

    That was after I got concerned about releasing helium filled balloons and taking the death of a baby out on the dolphins: http://www.livingocean.org/balloons.html

    Fortunately, no one made the mistake of handing me a balloon.

  3. Oh no, I never of that, now I have to go check the link, and am heartbroken in advance...why of why are there nasty consequences to beautiful acts

  4. Like I thought, heartbroken, thanks for the link, I know better now, although how can anyone say no, when a mom who lost a child hands you a balloon...Life is never easy, damn if you do damn if you don't...crap, I guess motivation is really the heart of the matter, and maybe, just maybe when done with spirituality, they never fall in the water...

  5. It was a bit of an issue here a few years ago. The AFL GRand Final always saw the release of thousands of baloons in club colours, but a little girl wrote to the AFL on behalf of the dolphins and they stopped doing the balloon thing.

    It was a beautiful, touching moment, though, as a few dozen blue balloons floated into the dusk, towards Venus.

    I thankyou for your appreciation of the issues.


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