18 June 2010


black stockings / coat and scarf - / flicks ash #haiku


  1. Wow a cool dude or dudet...like the feel of this

    PS I used to be a career advisor now I still collect resumes especially from my blogger friends...would you mind sharing?
    my email is: Lorrainerenaud@aol.com
    don't feel threatened I've already requested cvs from at least 30 people, half have sent them, so far...

  2. it won't be long - only had 3 jobs, this one kinda for almost 20 years. See what I come up with. A few days, tho. Busy making a complex camo for a model plane: Italian built Japanese Zero in fictional Luftwaffe night attack scheme. It's just something else I do. We'll put what if modelling in the hobbies section, if people syill do that? Ta.

  3. that depends, if your resume is very technical, then hobbies could put a more humane face to it...so far I've gathered about a dozen cvs from my blogger peeps, it's kind of cool... and I especially love reading those with artistic bends :)


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