07 May 2010

season creep postcards

season one now available


  1. Wow, I purchased a few of my favourite ones!

  2. Thank you.

    Abstract or feminine? Sexy or scary?

    Future seasons might be some already published haiga on the front, we'll see. Just a bit of play to see how they turn out and to make the blog physical.

    I'm working on a season creep zine too.

  3. A little of each...I have some people in mind to send it to, freak them out a little lol love your style, but it ain't mine you know!
    I love trees, but please don't be too good, I really can't afford it~

  4. I really didn't expect people to buy any and I'm not doing it for money. This was just a convient way of potentially getting things out on paper/light card.

    Thanks though. Ta.

    I won't hurry to do more.


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