17 May 2010


she jogs / softly - / his head turns #haiku


  1. Obviously my head turned too.

  2. well how you wrote it turned MY head, wow you get two meanings across so simply that I always have to read twice to see which I prefer, it's a constant match

  3. I like to keep the meaning open for exactly that. I learnt long a go that you can't contain the meaning of what you write (religions and politics are sustained by this very quirk of human (mis)communication), so I decided to work with it rather than vainly struggle against it.

    I liken some of my observational gear to cubist or surrealist paintings, with bits selected and re-arranged, presented out of context and sequence and jumbled to create new meanings. The one a few days ago about the man, baby and one arm swinging is an example of that. It's kind of modern visual art written in three lines.

    How's that for a highfalutin justification of my own jottings?

  4. lol unnecessary as your art needs no justification


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