18 April 2010


entree - / uses her / mouth #haiku


  1. directly on the plate...hmmm must be a bitch
    I love this in so many ways lol

  2. Your stark minimalism conveys a plate full of passion. ;) Nicely done! Or perhaps I should say "rare" or "well done."

  3. Thanks L & LS. I just caught sight of mrs h hoing down her entree and the words came to me. Thought they could easilly be mis-interpreted.

  4. I came back to these words, and I interpreted the scenario differently, oh so differently. Not sure if it was deliberate vagueness on your behalf, or a smutty mind on mine :-).

  5. The words just came to me and I realised the potentail for the double meaning right away.

    Note how I sequenced it ahead of the ice cream one. They just seemed to go together in an ertotic 4play kind of way.


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