18 March 2010


little girl / sparkles pink/ stuffs unicorn #haiku #haiga


  1. Te he he, he said pink and unicorn in poetry *giggles like a child*.


  2. now you sound like a pedophile, sorry...don't like this

  3. Here we were in the stuff-a-bear shop before xmas and the kid ahead of us was a pre-school female in a carnation dress, with salmon glinting stars in her hair, reaming a limp unicorn stiff with stuffing.

    It was just a memorable scene and it took me until this month to get it to a few words and then create an image.

    Interesting, contrasting responses from ms c and L, both implying (I think) something dirty.

  4. Nothing dirty from me; just tickled the funny bone of my inner child who loves pink and sparkly things.

  5. OK, 2 very different responses then.

    For me, it is kinda about an innocent sexualisation, largely imposed by the observer.

    As for the kiddie fiddler reading, yes, I can see that the repetition of the words is like a recurring memory, a sustained fantasy on a moment, with a dark heart to it all, green with envy, jealousy and lust.

    It is a funny, dirty, playful, sexual, innocent and therefore complex piece, which makes it all the more valuable as a work of art.

    Thankyou for sharing your reactions.


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