01 January 2010



  1. Man of mystery may you never reveal the ordinary...
    happy new year ;)

  2. Thankyou Lorraine, and a happy new year to you too.

    I'm starting 2010 with an arboreal month. In 2009 I discovered the beauty of trees, not just for their shade but for each tree's unique character and for the way that they bare their scars without shame (for a tree cannot have shame). All month I will dispense with words and present a tree pic a day.

    Please excuse this indulgence, but a blog is an exercise in vanity and shared indulgence.

    And yes, I chose this one as the first in the series in order to be mysterious.

  3. A Very Happy New Year to you and family, Comrade,

    some very nice work down under...even this picture, engrossing! :)


  4. Are you serious? well there 2010 is already better for me, I love trees, so much, in all season, all state of being, chopped down, driftedh (although it breaks my heart) ahhhh wow it's going to be precious...If everyone loved trees as much and understood the sheer physical and spiritual nurturing they give, the death of a tree would become as painful as the death of a loved one...I do go on don't I, but Man I love trees. Happy New Year Comrade x

  5. Thanks Devika and Lorraine, I thought you'ld appreciate a photo blog.


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