28 December 2009


last time here / that house / a cow #haiku


  1. We must do better at protecting the land...I like your message here

  2. Our population keeps growing, infinate growth on a finate planet, farmland under suburbs, shrinking forests, growing wealth means bigger homes with more things in them and greater energy use or the economy goes kaput... don't get me started about where we're heading.

    Best to put in in 3 lines.

  3. my heart broke this morning when I went to my Ice fantasia place to take photos, the beauty is so phenomenal that at first, you think you're dreaming...well the last time I went, at this time of the year, some time back it was like that...they did construction last summer, for a two-way as opposed to the one way they had before at the Marina...the ice storm fell on pavement. They've cut down the trees. Like carving my heart out.


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